Despite COVID-19, Wind Creek State Park Still Driving Economic Force

Travel and hospitality are far from the mind when ideas of social distancing are mentioned but Wind Creek State Park is top of the list to escape the worries of COVID-19. All of Alabama’s state parks are seeing increased traffic during this time. “Wind Creek is a significant economic driver in our community,” Alexander City Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Ed Collari said. “The data has pointed to it. We use cell phone data collection a lot.” Data from NextSite since the first of the year states the No. 2 source of customers at Walmart is Wind Creek and the No. 2 destination leaving Walmart is Wind Creek. Winn Dixie also sees a number of customers as Wind Creek guests. “What better place to go when social distancing,” Collari said. “It’s a great place to get out of the house and be outdoors.” For more information visit