New Client – Bonne Terre, MO!

Through our commercial development initiative with Ameren Missouri, we are excited to announce our partnership with the City of Bonne Terre, MO and the Bonne Terre Chamber of Commerce.

Our focus will be to identify the best opportunities for the city by providing unparalleled research, market analysis and mapping support. We believe that by creating quality, custom research reports and analysis that show the true potential of the market, we can affect positive growth in Bonne Terre. NextSite will deliver results by connecting opportunities in Bonne Terre to the developers and tenant representatives that drive the retail site selection process.

Once called La Bonne Terre which means “the good soil” and home to the Bonne Terre Mine and the Billion Gallon Lake, we are looking forward to working with the City of Bonne Terre and the Bonne Terre Chamber of Commerce.