New Client – Concord-Painesville JEDD!

The Concord-Painesville JEDD in Ohio has partnered with NextSite to identify and connect opportunities for commercial development. The Concord-Painesville JEDD will use NextSite to gain insight into the best recruitment opportunities for their community through detailed market analysis and consumer analytics. NextSite will then connect these opportunities to the appropriate developer and tenant rep firms. The Concord-Painesville JEDD was created in 2008 as a partnership between Concord Township and the City of Painesville. The specific goal of the JEDD is to further economic development of the Auburn-Crile Road Business Corridor, an area south of the intersection of Interstate 90 and State Route 44. The JEDD corridor is home to the Tripoint Medical Center and 255 acres of vacant land zoned for industrial, commercial and retail development with all utilities fully improved. We are excited for the opportunity to work with the Concord-Painesville JEDD and look forward to what is to come!