New Client – Greenville, IL!

The City of Greenville, Illinois has partnered with NextSite to identify and connect opportunities for commercial development. Greenville, 45 miles east of the metropolitan St. Louis area, is a progressive community bridging the gap between its rich history and economic growth.  This is evidenced by its historical downtown area and the industrial development along the I-70 corridor of the city. 

Our focus will be to identify the best opportunities for the city by providing unparalleled research, market analysis and mapping support. We believe that by creating quality, custom research reports and analysis that show the true potential of the market, we can affect positive change in Greenville. NextSite will deliver results by connecting opportunities in Greenville to the developers and tenant reps that drive the retail site selection process.

We are thrilled for the opportunity to work with the City of Greenville, and look forward to what is to come!