Roswell Retail Study Shows Positive Numbers!

Roswell Inc. partnered with real estate consultant NextSite to gather data on retail and business trends in Roswell.

NextSite and Roswell Inc. presented their data findings at the work session Sept. 23. Through mobile tracking, NextSite is able to gather data on where, when and how often north Fulton and Roswell consumers travel to various commercial businesses. The consultant company is able to map the most traveled to places in Roswell.

“Our partnership with NextSite for this ongoing retail study benefits local businesses in two main ways,” Roswell Inc. executive director Steve Stroud said. “First, it helps them understand the shopping patterns and behaviors of consumers in our area, which is important for every business to know, so they can adapt their business practices to meet the needs of the market. Second, it helps our organization in attracting and recruiting the right businesses to our city, which strengthens our overall business environment.”

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